Vincent J. Martinelli, Esq.

Distinguished Criminal Defense Attorney

The Law Offices Of Vincent J. Martinelli

Vincent J. Martinelli, Esq. is the founder and sole practitioner of The Law Offices of Vincent J. Martinelli. Vincent is locally based and accessible, but nationally recognized and his experience on both sides of the courtroom gives him a unique edge. Vincent began his career in the Kings County District Attorney's Office and has successfully handled hundreds of cases in one of the world's busiest jurisdictions.

As a boutique practice he can serve the most serious cases with an uncommon, hands-on approach. Although major corporate and other “white-collar” investigations are an area of expertise, Vincent can also easily switch gears and roll-up his sleeves to effortlessly litigate ‘street crimes.’ Securities and Exchange Commission cases along with other financial cases, construction fraud cases, government malfeasance cases, and other so called white collar matters are part of his everyday practice. However, assaults, homicides, larcenies, drug cases, serious driving offenses (DWI), etc, just to name a few, are cases that any good criminal defense attorney must handle.

Vincent J. Martinelli

Vincent J. Martinelli, Esq.

Qualified & Determined

Experience, education, diligence, grit, and passion are all of the traits which make Vincent J. Martinelli, Esq. the defense attorney you want on your side.

Over 25+ Years of Experience

Vincent has been in the field for almost three decades and he has litigated almost every issue in a criminal defense practice.

Locally Based & Nationally Recognized

Vincent prides himself on being easily accessible at his Staten Island office but handles cases in every county from Albany, NY to Cape May, NJ and in every federal court.

Distinguished Defense Attorney

The awards and accolades are partially detailed below.

Bar Admission, Education, & Other Experience.

Vincent J. Martinelli, Esq. was admitted to The United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit (2016). He successfully drafted, filed and argued appeals before this prestigious appellate panel – which has sent many of the best jurists in the world to the United States Supreme Court – on multiple occasions.

    • Admitted to The United States District Court:
      • Southern District of New York (1996)
      • Eastern District of New York (1996)
      • District of New Jersey (1993)
      • Southern District of Florida, Pro Hac Vice (2013)

Vincent J. Martinelli, Esq. was admitted to practice law by the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court of the State of New York, Second Judicial Department (1993).

Vincent J. Martinelli, Esq. was admitted to practice law by the Supreme Court of the State of New Jersey (1993)

    • Monsignor Farrell High School (1984)
    • New York University (1988)
    • Brooklyn Law School (1992)
    • National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

    • Richmond County Bar Association

    • Richmond County Criminal Defense Attorneys Association

    • Kings County Assistant District Attorney Alumni Association

    • Close professional and personal relationships to prestigious Personal Injury Firms in NY and NJ in the litigation of serious injury matters.