Notable Cases

Complete List Of All Federal Cases

    • USA v. Riccardi (1992-CR-01127 EDNY)
    • USA v. Gatien, et al. (1996-CR-00430 EDNY)
    • USA v. Byrnes, et al. (1997-CR-00430 EDNY)
    • Fulbrook v. Adco Electrical, et al. (1998-CV-01597 SDNY)
    • USA v. Juliano, et al. (1999-CR-01197 SDNY)
    • Anzeulotto v. Reish (2000-CV-00573 EDNY)
    • USA v. Ricottone, et al. (2000-CR-00840 EDNY)
    • USA v. Herrera (2001-MJ-00901 EDNY)
    • USA v. Galizia (2002-CR-00273 SDNY)
    • USA v. Caridi, et al. (2002-CR-01399 EDNY)
    • USA v. Leong (2003-CR-01222 SDNY)
    • USA v. Napoletano, et al. (2003-MJ-02243 SDNY)
    • USA v. Niebuhr et al. (2003-CR-01452 SDNY)
    • USA v. Rizzuto (2003-CR-01382 EDNY)
    • USA v. Colombo, et al. (2004-CR-00273 SDNY)
    • USA v. Morelli (2004-CR-00391 SDNY)
    • USA v. Astra Motor Cars, Inc. et al. (2004-CR-00774 EDNY)
    • USA v. Mermelstein (2005-CR-00037 EDNY)
    • USA v. Lovaglio, et al. (2005-CR-00194 EDNY)
    • USA v. Gelardo (2005-CR-00408 SDNY)
    • USA v. Vaccaro (2005-MJ-00807 EDNY)
    • USA v. Davino, et al. (2005-CR-00842 EDNY)
    • USA v. Tomero, et al. (2006-CR-00008 SDNY)
    • USA v. Baudanza, et al. (2006-CR-00181 EDNY)
    • USA v. Young, et al. (2006-CR-00285 EDNY)
    • USA v. Nobile (2006-CR-00822 EDNY)
    • USA v. Bradley (2006-CR-01072 SDNY)
    • USA v. Souza, et al. (2006-CR-00806 EDNY)
    • USA v. Agate, et al. (2008-CR-00076 EDNY)
    • USA v. Local 14-14B of the International Union of Operating Engineers (2009-CV-03046 EDNY)
    • USA v. Kadymir (2009-CR-00341 NJ)
    • USA v. Bernardo, et al. (2010-CR-00010 EDNY)
    • USA v. Dragonetti, et al. (2011-CR-00003 EDNY)
    • USA v. Levine, et al. (2001-CR-00345 EDNY)
    • USA v. Erwin (2011-MJ-05017 NJ)
    • USA v. Zemlyansky, et al. (2012-CR-00171 SDNY)
    • Selective Insurance Company of America v. Larino Masonry, et al. (2012-CV-06005 NJ)
    • USA v. Morris Weaver, et al. (2012-CR-20756 SDFL)
    • USA v. Weaver, et al. (2013-CR-00120 EDNY)
    • USA v. Larca, et al. (2013-CR-00340 SDNY)
    • USA v. Larino (2014-CR-00330 NJ)
    • USA v. Schulman (2014-CR-00415 EDNY)
    • USA v. Fazio (2015-MJ-00417 EDNY)
    • USA v. Pinto (2016-CR-00347 EDNY)
    • USA v. Calabria, et al. (2017-CR-00091 EDNY)
    • USA v. Balsamo (2018-CR-00021 SDNY)
    • USA v. Cammarano, et al. (2018-CR-00015 SDNY)
    • USA v. Ciauri, et al. (2018-CR-00337 EDNY)
    • USA v. Schirripa (2018-CR-00545 EDNY)
    • USA v. Amato, et al.(2019-CR-00442 EDNY)
    • USA v. Bifalco (2019-CR-00444 EDNY)

Examples and Brief Descriptions of New York State and New Jersey State Criminal Cases/Results

(Below Please Find the Types of Cases/Results Handled in Both NY and NJ State and Local Courts)*:

  • A 30-year-old successful businessman was fully exonerated after an improper car search and seizure by NYS Troopers related to a traffic stop on the Prospect Expressway. NYS Police charged him with illegal possession of a fully loaded semi-automatic pistol, illegal possession of a switchblade, illegal possession of narcotics, and illegal possession of a stun gun. All charges were completely dismissed after a thorough defense.

  • An EMS worker in NYC was wrongfully accused of forcible rape with a firearm by an ex-girlfriend. ALL of the charges were dismissed and the EMS worker’s employment was maintained after an investigation easily proved my client’s alibi and the false allegations by a former love interest. The client was facing decades in prison and it was proven that he was falsely accused.

  • A NYC top-rated construction firm charged with payroll and tax fraud charges relating to purported underpayment of over $5 million Dollars of worker’s wages. After an exhaustive forensic investigation by Mr. Martinelli, the corporation paid merely $500,000 in restitution and the principles plead guilty to low-level misdemeanors while all of their business licenses were maintained.

  • A young man studying in medical school overseas to become a doctor charged with two different bar assaults on different occasions while partying in Manhattan. The client was fully cleared of all charges on each and is presently on schedule to become a medical doctor.

  • A foreign national with dual citizenship in both the United States and a country in the mid-east was falsely accused of domestic violence while a resident doctor at a highly prestigious NYC hospital. The client was cleared after a false accusation and a thorough investigation by Mr. Martinelli and his investigators.

  • A family general practitioner Doctor from Staten Island charged with NYS tax fraud in Albany, NY and facing 15 years in jail. All tax charges resolved amicably and the Doctor’s medical license was maintained.

  • The owner of a large construction firm specializing in high-rise concrete installation charged with Manslaughter in the First Degree in the negligent death of a worker who accidentally and tragically fell to his death after not wearing proper safety equipment. A non-jail sentence was received and the owner’s sons were allowed to take over his businesses.

  • An attorney was charged with marijuana possession and driving under the influence of a controlled substance in a small town in New Jersey. The case against him was completely thrown out of court after a Holup “motion to dismiss” was made by Vincent J. Martinelli, Esq. because the State did not have the necessary laboratory results for the alleged marijuana in-time. The attorney was completely cleared of ALL charges and his arrest record was expunged, which had no effect on his ability to practice law at a major white-collar law firm.

  • A NYC School teacher struggling with a second job at a restaurant in the summer-time was unfairly charged with unemployment insurance fraud for purportedly not reporting her waitress wages. It was proven that the time-frames did not match the allegations and the teacher was fully cleared. Her position in the public school system was maintained throughout the terrible ordeal and is happily still employed as a teacher. From what I have learned, her students are ecstatic that she remained as their teacher.

  • A young executive at a major financial firm falsely was accused of major felony road-rage charges and intoxication by controlled substance charges for purportedly running down and seriously injuring a security guard at Giants stadium after a concert. After over a year of exhaustive litigation, all charges were dismissed and the client plead guilty to very minor traffic offenses and merely a $1,000 fine. His driver’s license was maintained.

In his 25-year career, Vincent J. Martinelli, Esq. has handled hundreds of similar cases with substantially similar fact patterns and results. The above list is merely meant to be a small sample of these cases and results.

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