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State Defense

If you are prosecuted in any county of New York State by a county prosecutor or the NYS Attorney General, as a former Homicide Bureau prosecutor in the Kings County District Attorney’s Office, you cannot pick better State representation. Mr. Martinelli also handles cases in every county in the state of New Jersey and has had trial success on some of New Jersey's most serious cases.

Local Defense

Whether it’s a local administrative agency accusing you of wrongdoing or investigating you, or a town/municipal court outside New York City in both NY and NJ, Mr. Martinelli defends cases from Albany, NY to Cape May, NJ. Please also remember that many administrative agencies and/or local investigations and prosecutions can evolve into State or even Federal criminal defense matters. Please do not let a small local matter become elevated to a state or federal prosecution.

Why Choose Us

Vincent J. Martinelli, Esq. possesses certain qualities that separate him from the competition. 



Vincent J. Martinelli, Esq. always gives 110% to every client that he takes on. You will witness first hand the effort put into your defense.



Vincent J. Martinelli, Esq. has a knack for finding the most creative criminal defense solution to your problem. He is always thinking outside the box. 



In his 25 years in the field, Mr. Martinelli has seen it all. You can be sure that any situation you may find yourself in, Mr. Martinelli knows how to handle it with success.

A Piece Of Advice From Mr. Martinelli:

“Never talk to law enforcement or respond to law enforcement’s inquiries, in any way, without hiring counsel, first.  Asking for an arrest warrant, a search warrant, or a subpoena before responding to law enforcement contact – and demanding counsel participate – is every American Citizen’s constitutional right. I cannot count how many times that simple piece of advice has been ignored and has gone on to unnecessarily devastate clients. Many times people are afraid to retain counsel because they wrongly believe it makes them look like they have done something wrong. Do not fall into that trap.”

we aren't afraid of trying new things

Overcome and Adapt

In a world where everything is changing and new customer habits are being formed, Vincent J. Martinelli, Esq. will provide you with the most up to date criminal defense available. We are constantly learning and staying current with new regulations and laws that are being put in place. This results in us having the ability to adapt to any difficult situation you may find yourself. We have the most highly qualified private investigators, forensic accountants, and other experts that we use successfully at trial & at the negotiating table. 

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